Email your MP: our rights at work after Brexit

On Tuesday, MPs are voting on our rights at work after Brexit. Can you email your MP asking them to vote to protect rights like holiday pay and paid parental leave? It takes less than two minutes:


The government is promising to protect our rights at work after Brexit, but promises can easily be broken. If we can push our MPs to vote for these amendments (changes to the huge Brexit bill - also known as the EU withdrawel bill) we can make sure the government can’t go back on their word. [1]

Please will you email your MP now? Together we can show all MPs know just how many of us expect them to keep our hard won rights at work after Brexit. There’s an example email if you’re not sure what to say:


Tomorrow's vote is just one part of the complicated Brexit law changes. Every UK law needs to be rewritten, and if the government think they can get away with it, there's a risk they'll give in to corporate lobbyists and roll back some of our hard won rights at work. [2] Let's make sure the government know just how unpopular removing rights at work would be.

[1] You can see all the amendments in here, the ones about protecting rights at work are amendments 2, 9 and NC1: 
[2] There's a good explanation of the law changes needed for Brexit and the EU withdrawal Bill here:
BBC News: EU Withdrawal Bill: A guide to the Brexit repeal legislation: