In the news: Amazon workers email Bezos

Here is the email Amazon workers got when the news broke:

Breaking: Amazon workers are in the news because they’re sending emails directly to Jeff Bezos asking him not to end shares for loyal Amazon workers. Together we can flood his inbox with reasons to leave the shares alone, send an email here:

Email Amazon's CEO

Here’s what one Amazon worker wrote to Jeff:

"Please stop taking away the shares of your loyal employees, we earned it. A pay rise should be a pay rise. Associates shouldn’t have to lose valuable Amazon shares to make up for it. By cutting worker’s shares, thousands of associates are actually getting a pay cut." 

If you feel the same way then join dozens of other Amazon workers and email Jeff Bezos now:

Email Amazon's CEO

Thanks for being involved,

Usman, Nat, Annabel and the Organise team

P.S. Here’s the direct link to the news article: