Amazon worker shares: the results!

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After the pressure from Amazon workers all over the country, Amazon have increased wages. But to cover their costs, they’re taking away the Amazon shares that loyal, long standing Amazon workers have earned over their careers at Amazon. For those workers, this is actually a pay cut.

That’s why thousands of Amazon workers in the Organise community have come together to stop it happening. They’ve voted on what they want to do first to stop Amazon taking away their worker’s shares.

And the results are in:

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 17.33.43.png

Amazon workers have voted to email Jeff Bezos directly to explain why loyal staff should get to keep their worker’s shares. You can email Jeff Bezos to explain why here:

Here’s what some Amazon staff said about their shares:

“Six years working at Amazon and after losing shares, I'm going to be paid the same as New starters and Temps. For me it was only a pay rise of 28p per hour. The shares were the best benefit of working for Amazon. I don't know of anyone who didn't like them and would prefer the money in their pocket - the shares are worth more long term. They never asked us.”

“My partner has worked for Amazon for 20 years and has always felt part of the company and as such has always given 110% until now!”