Survey: Harassment at work

Here’s an email to Organise members asking them to take a confidential survey on harassment at their workplaces:

Exposed: There’s a boss using his wealth to silence the staff he sexually or racially harasses. He’s spent half a million pounds on lawyers to silence the employees he’s abused. [1] We don’t know who it is, but we do know there are hundreds more bosses like him - using their power to silence women and ethnic minorities. 

So we’re collecting data to change this. So many of us have spotted little ‘flags for concern’ in our workplaces. Today we’re not reporting anything to HR or the company board. We’re just sharing data on the scale of the problem inside Organise HQ. 

Will you take the confidential survey on harassment at Organise HQ? Together we can build up a picture of harassment hotspots and share ways to challenge this abusive behaviour however big or small:

Take the survey

If thousands of us start to note our ‘flags for concern’, we can protect the younger generation entering the workforce from having to suffer the small but significant daily harassments that dodgy bosses keep doing.

To quote one affected woman: ‘Fewer bosses “would be putting their hands up someone’s skirt if they knew that they didn’t have a get out”.’ [1]

Together we won’t leave dodgy bosses unchallenged. It starts with this confidential harassment survey. Please take five minutes to share your experiences

Take the confidential survey

Together we’re powerful,

Annabel, Nat and the Organise staff team 

[1]: The Telegraph: The British #MeToo scandal which cannot be revealed