November Update from the Organise community

This week the Financial Times named the Organise community in the Top 100 Digital champions across Europe 🎉. [1] Organise beat Deliveroo onto the list 🤭. [2] That's down to you. Every action - big or small - you take with Organise helps make the UK a fairer place to work.

From signing a petition, sharing your experiences of work through a survey, right up to meeting your boss to push for change. Everyone and every action on Organise is making our community more powerful. Thank you.

I wanted to share a couple of the stories of people like you in our community who are doing inspiring campaigning recently. Grab a cuppa and have a read. Hopefully it'll make you feel a bit better about the world:

Name: Julie*
Workplace: Amazon (warehouse)

Since Amazon announced a pay rise for all staff a month ago, Julie has been working to expose the fact that it simply isn't true for longer-serving warehouse workers. She's worked there for four years, and she's lost shares that are worth more than the pay rise. Julie's got nearly 3,500 of us on a petition demanding the shares back. But what you don't see is what's happening behind the scenes. Amazon HQ rang the Organise office to try and dispute Julie's claims. So Julie collected the payslips of dozens of her colleagues (using the Organise survey tool!) to get the hard data.

She's using this data to show how they're losing money and push for a return to the share scheme. It's incredible to watch a group of workers connecting on Organise and using the technology to build a bank of evidence to support their campaign. Julie and a few others are now talking to journalists about how to make best use of this data.

Name: Michael*
Workplace: University of Sheffield

After all the #MeToo stories in the papers, Michael launched a campaign to call out bullying and harassment at his work. He's written an open letter signed by 30 of his colleagues. It's so powerful and direct (you can read it here) that it's inspired other people working in similar jobs to do the same. But the best thing about his campaign is the emails we've been sent about it. These are emails from his colleagues who might work in different buildings or departments, but for the first time, they don't feel so alone. One person wrote '‘I hope that we are able to make a positive impact on the university. I am glad that something is done about it. I was starting to feel very isolated. Thank you for the wider work that you do.'

Name: Charlie*
Workplace: Virgin Media
There are a lot of anti-harassment campaigns happening on Organise right now. One of the most impactful is Charlie's. She set up a survey to collect her colleagues experiences of harassment. 63 Virgin Media staff took part. And Charlie is getting heard. Her HR team are taking her report very seriously, and have scheduled a meeting to discuss the survey results and see how they can tackle harassment. [3] They've also got an anonymous reporting line in place and sent this to all staff who took part. Charlie's decision to start a campaign has kick started a culture change at her workplace. (You can see her survey results in the report here)

These are just three examples from our growing community. To date, together we've collected 76,098 answers to community-led surveys and 65,000 petition signatures. Not bad for a community that's only 18 months old.

It's thanks to small donations from the Organise community that we're able to keep the website and support online. It means we can support dozens more people to run campaigns and win change inside their workplaces. We're run on an absolute shoestring budget and most of us are part-time.

Will you chip in £2 or £3 a month to support the Organise community?
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PS. If you're feeling inspired to start your own workplace campaign, get started here:

PPS. If you ever wonder who's sending you all those emails, here's Matt, Pavlina, Nat and Usman - the Organise staff team (Annabel, our fifth team member, was missing on picture day!):

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[1] Organise is listed under the 'using technology for social challenges' section of the Financial Times and Google awards:
"The Financial Times features 100 European companies, individuals and organisations that are using technology to change their businesses and tackle social challenges"
[2] The FT published an article explaining how Deliveroo split the jury. "Readers will not find Deliveroo on the list of European digital champions this year":
[3] In case you're wondering how an Organise survey becomes a report, here's Charlie's report that she used to win change at Virgin Media: 

*None of these are the real names. Often people who start campaigns on Organise chose to remain anonymous - it's one of the great things about our digital platform.