WIN: Ted Baker

BREAKING: I’ve just got off the phone with Ted Baker’s head office. They’re launching a full independent investigation into the alleged ‘culture of harassment’. And they’ve said they’re ‘open to changing the way we do things’ when it comes to hugs. [1]

Our campaign to end ‘forced hugs’ and harassment at Ted Baker is in every UK newspaper, it’s on the news channels and plastered across social media. Literally millions (and counting) of people are seeing what the Organise community can do. [2] 

It’s inspiring hundreds more people to join Organise and share their own stories of harassment. The Organise staff team is working hard to help every person launch a campaign, whether it’s a survey to collect evidence of harassment or a petition to call it out. But there’s only 5 of us in the staff team (and four of us are part time!). 

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It took one month to win this campaign. From day one when Ted Baker staff used the Organise website to share their experiences, hundreds of us piled in to support their campaign by signing their petition. Together our pressure exposed what was happening at the highest level. [2] Now over 100 anonymised reports of harassment are sat with Ted Baker’s board. All because a group of Organise members were able to team up and change their workplace for the better. 

Here's what one former Ted Baker employee who joined Organise this weekend had to say: 

"I think the petition is amazing!! Something I thought about when I was working there but never had the guts to speak out :( to be a part of this makes me feel like I've finally done the right thing even if just a small contribution." 

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[1] Here's the response from Ted Baker to the Organise community, and their public statement below:

"We have already appointed an independent committee of the Non-Executive Directors to oversee our response to the petition. That committee is currently reviewing a range of external independent law firms to scope and run the investigation. As part of this investigation, we wholly envisage providing all concerned the appropriate forum to be heard. 

From our perspective, we have responded quickly and positively, and we are doing precisely what you and the petition has called for. The non executives will then carefully consider whether there are lessons to be learned. 

We would therefore be grateful that you update the petitioners on this basis." 

Here's the link to their full public statement: 

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