Amazon - email the UK country manager

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Wow, our 2,000-strong petition was delivered into a meeting with Amazon management at one of their warehouses. Here’s what we’ve heard back: 

"I spoke yesterday with the leaders from BHX1 relating these very high targets and they are making a petition to the general manager of the site to decrease a little bit the targets."

- Anonymous Amazon employee

If Amazon are thinking about decreasing the targets, now is the time to step up our action. Can you send a quick email to the boss of Amazon UK? Let’s make sure that by tomorrow, his inbox is full of messages from people demanding Amazon lower their impossible targets: 

Hundreds of Amazon workers are sharing stories like this through Organise: 

"You do not have time to drink water because if you go to the toilet, the machine sends a message to your scanner telling you to hurry up."

Amazon warehouse staff up and down the country are treated like this. Timed bathroom breaks and brutal management are just part of the job. [1] Amazon have even developed wristbands to track every movement of the workers and even nudge them with vibration reminders to work every second of the day. [2] 

It’s why thousands of us are teaming up to let Amazon HQ know what it’s really like in their warehouses. Hundreds of workers, with thousands of us standing alongside them. But we’re not just going to talk to anyone at Amazon HQ, we’re going straight to the top: Douglas Gurr, the boss of Amazon UK. 

Usman, will you send an email to Amazon UK Boss, Douglass Gurr, demanding that he lowers the impossible targets and treat his workers like humans not robots? It only takes 2 minutes and there’s an example email waiting for you: 

And if you work for Amazon and would rather email anonymously, use this link instead:

"I’m 5 months pregnant and they’ve been raising my targets, I asked for a lighter job because I feel very tired but nothing changed. The only thing that happened is I got sent messages like ‘This is unacceptable, keep your targets up’."[3]

Amazon HQ like to keep the doors of the warehouses firmly shut. It helps them get away with making millions while pushing employees to their absolute limit. Amazon will think they have a handle on just the workers speaking out. But together we can change that. While hundreds of workers are emailing the Amazon bosses their personal stories, we can flood their inboxes with messages from their customers. Together we can show them that the UK is watching their next move. 

Douglas Gurr wouldn’t wear a tracking bracelet or have his bathroom breaks timed. So why should he be allowed to force it upon thousands of his employees? He knows it’s not right, and now, we need to tell him to sort it out. 

Usman, stand with a warehouse worker and tell Douglas Gurr to listen to his warehouse staff. It only takes 2 minutes and there’s an example email waiting for you: 


[1] The Mirror: Timed toilet breaks, impossible targets and workers falling asleep on feet: Brutal life working in Amazon warehouse
[2] The New York Times: If Workers Slack Off, the Wristband Will Know. (And Amazon Has a Patent for It.)
[3] Read more Amazon workers' stories on the Organise blog: