McDonald's give out a pay rise to all corporate owned staff!

McDonald’s just announced that tens of thousands of their staff would be getting a pay rise. It’s the biggest pay rise in 10 years! Over 25s will now be on £10 an hour. [1]Our pressure is working. But there’s plenty more work to do. Even with the pay rise, thousands of workers are still on unreliable zero-hours contracts - their hours can be cut at any time. That’s why we’re shooting a mini-documentary to expose what it’s like working at McDonald's.

Here’s a preview what happened to Chloe when she couldn’t get enough shifts:

The thing McDonald’s are most scared of is letting the public see how they do business. They know they can’t afford to be exposed in the public eye. That’s why getting this documentary filmed and shared as widely as possible is so important. It’s precisely what McDonald’s don’t want us to do.

But to get it done, we’re all going to have to come together. We’re only £67 away from hitting our target. Please chip in to help us continue the campaign and secure fair, safe jobs for all McDonald’s staff:


Thanks for being involved,

Usman, Nat and the Organise team

PS. Here’s a picture of the new pay rates, lots of staff over 25 years old will be getting £10 an hour now. Exactly what thousands of us who signed the petition asked for: 


It was a small group of workers who went on strike to kick-start this chain of events. Then thousands of us (literally) piled in signing the petition online. [2]

Once we all came together, dozens of crew members sent emails to the McDonald's CEO, then we got our stories in the papers. [3] It all helped make sure that McDonald's UK gave their staff the biggest pay rise in a decade.

[1] Metro: McDonald’s staff finally get biggest pay rise in 10 years:

[2] The Organise petition with over 2,400 signatures:

[3] The Independent: McDonald's workers accuse fast food chain of serious safety failings and 'degrading' treatment: