University pension strikes

In the last week and a half, thousands of academics have been joined by thousands more students and alumni on Organise. They've been standing against proposed cuts to their pensions. And since a member of staff at Lancaster University wrote and published the first university open letter to their vice chancellor, open letters have been springing up at institutions across the country. [1]

People who had signed their university's open letter shared the Organise open letter tool  with contacts at other universities and within 2 days, vice chancellors were finding that they couldn't hide away in their offices as our voices got louder, and even got into their inboxes. [2] 

Now, as staff at universities are still fighting to make sure their pensions aren't cut, the open letters have turned into handy communication tools, allowing the open letter starters to easily speak with the hundreds of signers and update them on upcoming plans. 

Here's what some of the university strikers have said:

It doesn't matter where you work, or what you want to bring people together to change, you can start an open letter here:

Or if you work at a university and want to start an open letter for your university specifically, you can do it here:


[1] Check out some of the open letters that have sprung up at universities around the country:
Lancaster University: 
University of Cambridge: 
University of York: 

[2] The open letter starter at the University of Sheffield want to find a way to let the signers speak directly to their vice chancellors. So they decided to use the Organise tool that allows them sends emails directly to the vice chancellors inbox (anonymously if they wanted to). Check it out: