Closing the gender pay gap

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In the last couple of days, thousands of businesses and organisations have made their gender pay gaps public, exposing many of the barriers that millions of women face at work across the country.

In response, people have been jumping into action through Organise. A bunch of surveys have sprung up across sectors and industries - from Nissan to the University of York - aimed at crowdsourcing ideas on the best ways to tackle the gender pay gap at specific workplaces.

The survey starters realised that if their bosses were allowed to set the agenda, they could talk a good game without really addressing the problem. That's why the survey starters wanted to set the terms by voting with their colleagues on how they wanted to see the gender pay gap tackled.

Check out the University of Oxford gender pay gap survey here 👆

Check out the University of Oxford gender pay gap survey here 👆


Survey starters just picked from a shortlist of expert-written solutions to the gender pay gap (courtesy of Ursula at Mumbelievable [1]), and they were given a readymade survey to share across their workforce. Once enough of their colleagues rank their favourite solutions, they can be given straight to HR, or put on the bosses table, where those in power won't be able to shirk responsibility. 

Some of surveys are taking off, one that was started yesterday afternoon has already reached 50 survey takers!

Check out the Nissan gender pay gap survey here 👆

Check out the Nissan gender pay gap survey here 👆


In this way, employees from across the country affected by the gender pay gap are using a combination of expert advice and people-power to recognise and fix inequality in their workplaces. And if that wasn't good enough, it's completely anonymous!

Design your workplace gender pay gap survey, it takes less than 3 minutes and it could be the kick start to closing the gender pay gap at your work:



[1] Ursula works for Mumbelievable, you can check out more of what she gets up to here: