Claudia goes to Uber HQ

Claudia at Uber

Claudia at Uber

Claudia (Uber driver and Organise member) had an idea: she wanted the Uber app to have a button that lets women to request a female Uber driver. She discussed it with her passengers who thought it was a great idea, and decided to try and make it happen, using the Organise tools.

She designed a survey and started distributing it across her social groups to both drivers and customers. And after developing a bit of a following, she decided to ask them too!

Claudia found support from everywhere. She found that 81% of customers think the button is a good idea and 95% of female drivers would feel more comfortable driving for Uber if this was a feature.

Here's what one UberX driver said:

โ€œIt will bring in more female customers who may have not used Uber before because of not having the option to choose. A lot of female passengers have told me that they feel uncomfortable with their male drivers and wish they could request me specifically again, or at least another female, they also say they would be more likely to use Uber as a daily trip with their children if they could pick a female driver.โ€

With support from hundreds of Organise members, Claudia took her findings to Uber HQ yesterday and presented her idea to them. Uber heard her out and thought it was a great idea. They're looking into the technicalities of it and will get back to Claudia soon. Well done Claudia! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Check out one of the messages that another Organise member sent Claudia in support, just ahead of her meeting with Uber:

"I think this is an absolutely essential and great initiative. Thank you for coming up with the idea and for being courageous enough to take it all the way to the meeting tomorrow with the Uber bosses.

Being a young 20 something old female myself, I can definitely relate to the potential risks when getting in the car with a male driver. If that isnโ€™t enough, Iโ€™m from an ethnic minority background and wear the hijab and abaya (Muslim modest dress), which has and continues to prompt islamophobic comments despite living in a multicultural society like London. 

I would definitely feel more at ease with a female driver 100%, through and through. Going out late at night or travelling by yourself can be uncomfortable even with the ability to let friends and family follow your Uber journey. 

So, I wish you the very best of luck! 

And even if things donโ€™t go as well as we hope, you have thousands of people rooting behind you and you have no doubt, at the very least, set the trail alight for further momentum and support to be gained on this issue! You are a trailblazer in your own right and going up against a big company like Uber is no easy feat!"

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