Over 700 Organise agency workers submitted to the government consultation.

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This morning, the government received a report containing the experiences of hundreds of people from the Organise community, on what it’s like working for an agency. 

The government were looking into the law around working for agencies and they were asking if people had ever been cheated and what would make things better. [1] Here are the main findings that hundreds of us in the Organise community came together to expose:

  • More than 4 in 10 agency workers in the Organise community get paid less than the people employed directly by the company.

  • More than one-quarter of agency workers regularly suffer from hidden fees and deductions from their pay.

  • The vast majority of agency workers were scared of raising issues in case assignments were taken away from them as a punishment.

  • Almost all agency workers on the Organise platform want a ‘key facts’ document that outlines all the key conditions of the booking (like pay, hours, uniform etc.) when they take the job.

You can find the full report here: https://www.organise.org.uk/s/Agency-Workers-Recommendations-Consultation-2.pdf

Alone, it would have been hard to get the government to take our experience seriously. But thanks to hundreds of people in the Organise community, we've made sure they take notice. 


[1] The government consultation page for agency work: https://beisgovuk.citizenspace.com/lm/agency-workers/