McDonald's workers: Deciding their own contracts

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Over 300 McDonald's workers from across the country have voted on what they really want from their contracts rather than letting McDonald's bosses set the agenda. 

Here are the main demands that workers wanted:

  • All restaurants should announce shifts a month in advance, meaning that workers have more time to plan their lives.
  • New guaranteed hours contracts should give you a higher number of guaranteed hours.

After facing pressure over zero hours contracts, McDonald's started trialling guaranteed hours contracts. But McDonald's are making the new contracts so bad that nobody takes them - which the bosses are using as reason to justify keeping workers on insecure, unfair contracts. 

This is what happens when McDonald’s bosses get to set the agenda. That’s why workers have decided to work together to stop them. 

Check out the full report that will be delivered to the UK boss Paul Pomroy here: