Deliveroo: What would you change about your work?

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80 Deliveroo riders in the Organise community were asked what they would want from Deliveroo. Here's what they said:

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London Living Wage came out on top, but a sizeable portion of workers wanted the benefit of having a recognised trade union which can secure things like sick pay and holiday pay. 

Deliveroo riders were then asked about the impact of working without holiday pay and minimum wage guarantees:

"Occasionally I can't afford to buy food, skipping meals or having smaller or low nutrient meals (eg bread and bread)"

 "Yes, I could not work during the blizzard, or when it snowed on St Pat's weekend, which was very difficult as I was suddenly evicted a fortnight beforehand and am homeless."

"I have been ill and injured before and not been able to work as a consequence. I found myself really struggling for money to pay the rent and bills. With no sick pay, riders are extremely vulnerable should they get injured or sick."