Co-op 1 on 1 shifts

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In the last week, over 4,000 Co-op staff from across the country have joined the Organise community. It all came from a bunch of Co-op staff starting a campaign to demand an end to 1 on 1 shifts. These are shifts where only two staff had the responsibility of running the shop, one in the front of the store, one in the back. This means that both members of staff could have accidents or be faced with threatening situations and not be able to reach out for help. 

"One to one shifts cause problems for health and safety as often there's only one member of staff on shop floor leaving them vulnerable. The staff member at the back of the store could also have an accident, the other staff member going to know before it might be too late to help." - Co-op worker and petition starter

Co-op staff have voted on what they want to do next in the fight to end 1 on 1 shifts and here's what they said:

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Over half of Co-op workers wanted to hand in the petition to Co-op bosses at their head office in Manchester. That's why right now, dozens of Co-op workers are pitching in their ideas of how to deliver the petition in the most effective way.

If you're a Co-op worker and you have an idea of how to do it best, send in your idea to

And you can see and sign the petition here: