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It’s been an extraordinary year for the Organise community. We've doubled in size - there are 47,500 of us across the UK supporting and strengthening each other’s rights at work through Organise. Together we’ve triggered inspections in Amazon warehouses [1], played a role in changing the law to improve rights for agency workers [2] and successfully challenged years of hidden sexual harassment at Ted Baker [3]. 

We’re winning against the odds. But it’s not likely to get any easier in 2019. With Brexit around the corner and new technologies popping up in every workplace, next year we need to work together to make work better for everyone. Just this month, 2,000 Organise members signed a petition demanding a law to make it illegal to microchip your employees. And this morning a Tesco employee started a campaign to stop Tesco rating staff based on the electronic armband scores they make staff wear. [4] 

Organise is run on a shoestring budget and we rely on donations from our members to support our work - we are a small staff team, but our community is nearly 50,000 strong, and there is power in numbers. 

If each member of the Organise community donated just £2 to help support our work, we would have a budget of £100,000 to expand our reach and carry out our mission to give everyone the tools, network and confidence to make work better in 2019. 

Will you chip in just £2 to make us even stronger in 2019? 

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Here's what a few of the Organise community had to say about all we've achieved together this year:

"Well done! If only we had Organise available in the 80s. No one believed us then. We just put up and shut up." - Ted Baker employee

"I'm really impressed at how much traction this has gained. I've been talking about this for years! Amazing to see real action being taken, independent of 'official' workplace channels."  - BT agency worker

Watching the Organise community grow and win over the last 18 months fills me with hope. People are willing to stand up for each other, and team up to take on even the biggest companies. If each of us chipped in just £2, we could start 2019 off stronger than ever, and make next year our biggest yet. Please will you chip in a couple of pounds today?

I’ll CHIP IN £2

Roll on 2019. 

Nat, Pavlina, Matt, Usman and Annabel - the Organise staff team

[1] Amazon warehouse staff are running a campaign to challenge the conditions they work in, as part of this campaign, dozens of them wrote to health and safety officers about their working conditions. These reports triggered inspections of lots of Amazon warehouses across the country.
[2] After hundreds of us shared our experiences of dodgy agencies, our evidence was included in the government’s review. You can find the Organise report on the Government's website, under O:
[3] There are dozens of newspaper articles on this campaign so I won't list them all (but do google if you want a good read!). From our staff-led petition, to over 100 reports of harassment taken through Organise, it all lead to the CEO stepping down and a full external investigation taking place:
[4] Here's the microchipping petition:

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