Boots staff want a fairer holiday booking system

In the last couple of days, over 100 Boots staff have been sharing ideas of what they would change about work.

Lots of great ideas came forward. So staff decided to vote on what issue they wanted to change at Boots first. Here are the results:

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 12.38.46.png

Right now, Boots staff have to book all their holiday at the start of the year. It means they can’t be flexible around childcare and getting away for a break.

Here’s what a few staff said:

“It’s impossible to plan a year's holidays in advance, especially with a family”

“I think that we are expected to work really hard but when we need time off for holiday it is made very difficult for us. We should be treated fairly for all of our hard work”

Right now, Boots staff are putting together their petition demanding a fairer holiday booking system. Once it’s finished, Boots staff will confidentially sign the petition and then vote on how they want to present it to Boots HQ.

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