Boots staff vote for how to use their thousands strong petition

Two weeks ago, a few Boots staff shared frustrations with the inflexible holiday booking system at Boots. Staff have to request all their time off at the start of the year and can’t change it or request it at any other point in the year. It means that thousands of staff can’t be with their loved ones for emergencies or special occasions.

So the Boots staff started a petition on Organise to see if other Boots colleagues around the country wanted to change things too. Within just a few days, hundreds of Boots colleagues were signing and sharing the petition. The petition has now grown to over 3,500.

Boots staff then started voting on the best way to use their massive petition to get the attention of bosses at Boots. And the results are in:

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 09.01.56.png

An equal number of Boots staff want to get their experiences of missed holidays in the papers and deliver the petition to Boots HQ. So Boots staff are aiming to do both to win a fairer holiday system that lets them request holiday throughout the year.

Check out their petition here:

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