Boots staff send a report to Boots HQ

Boots staff launched a massive petition demanding the right to request holiday throughout the year rather than having to request all their years leave at once. Boots bosses responded and said that most staff were actually allowed to book throughout the year ‘with reasonable notice’. But that wasn’t happening in stores.

That’s why hundreds of Boots staff decided to come together to create a report showing how staff are still being made to request all their holiday off at once, in stores. The report found that:

  • Even though Boots policy allows it, 3 in 4 staff are not allowed to request holiday throughout the year at their stores.

  • Boots haven’t explained the actual holiday policy well enough to staff with 79% not knowing what it is.

For years, Boots staff have been missing out on important time spent with family and loved ones. That’s why they’re coming together to change things, and they’re taking the message to the very top of Boots.

You can see the full report here:

You can stand with Boots staff and sign their petition here: