Boots staff win campaign!

For years, thousands of Boots staff across the country had to request all their holiday for the year off at once. That meant that if there were any family emergencies or special occasions, staff couldn’t go.

Here’s what a few Boots staff were saying:

"I think that we are expected to work really hard but when we need time off for holiday it is made very difficult for us. We should be treated fairly for all of our hard work” - Boots employee and mother of two

"It’s impossible to plan a year's holidays in advance, especially with a family” - Boots employee for 11 years

A few Boots staff decide to change things, and started a petition on Organise. Boots staff from across the country started signing the petition and the rest of the Organise community jumped onboard too. Soon enough, the petition was at 5,000!

Boots staff voted on what they wanted to do with all that support and decided to send a report of their experiences to Boots head office. So hundreds of Boots staff shared their stories and sent them to the HR Director at Boots - Nathan Clements, who said that staff were always allowed to request holiday with ‘reasonable notice’.

The staff running the campaign realised that it was managers stopping them requesting holiday throughout the year, even though Boots policy said that it was allowed. So staff showed Boots that 79% of staff did not know the policy, and 3 out of every 4 staff were denied the right to request holiday throughout the year.

Boots responded and promised to clarify the policy with all managers across the country. It was a problem that staff had put up with for years, and through teaming up on Organise it was sorted in a few months. that’s the power of our community.

Here’s the email staff got when news of the win came through:


We’ve won! Thousands of us demanded fairer holiday booking at Boots, and this morning, Nathan Clements - HR Director at Boots confirmed staff can request throughout the year. He said “we are planning to re-communicate our holiday policy to all our managers and ensure we help them manage holiday requests while giving our colleagues flexibility around booking leave.” [1]

Now, Boots staff across the country will be able to request holiday throughout the year, making it easier to spend important time with families and loved ones. So if your manager makes you ask for all your holiday at once, you can tell them that it’s against the policy set by the HR Director. 

Our massive petition got Boots’ attention, and then hundreds of us shared our experiences of being forced to request all our holiday in one go to convince Boots there was a problem. Now Boots are going to tell all managers what the real policy is. 

It’s nice when HR Directors listen. So we’re writing thank you emails to HR boss Nathan Clements for listening to us. Please will you send a quick email to say thanks? Just click the button below, there’s an example email you can use waiting for you:

Send a thank you email

Together, we’re powerful,

Usman, Nat and the Organise staff team 

P.S. The Organise staff team (including me - my name’s Usman 👋) supported this campaign at every step, making sure Boots’ HR Director saw the petition, and helping hundreds of staff share their experiences to prove people weren’t able to book holiday throughout the year. Organise is run on a shoestring budget with only one full-time member of staff. Please will you chip in a few pounds to help Organise support people working at other stores like Waterstones and Topshop to fix problems at their work too:

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[1] Here's the full response from Nathan Clements, HR Director at Boots:

"We would like to thank you again for contacting us about this petition. We recognise the importance of annual leave to our colleagues to help create a healthy work life balance.

We have looked at the results and your recommendations which you shared and we do take any colleague feedback very seriously. Therefore, we are planning to re-communicate our holiday policy to all our managers and ensure we help them manage holiday requests while giving our colleagues flexibility around booking leave.

Kind regards,

Nathan Clements, HR Director, Boots UK”

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