Waterstones staff deliver petition and staff experiences to James Daunt

On Monday, petition starter and Waterstones employee April was joined by her colleagues from all over the country to meet with James Daunt, Managing Director at Waterstones. Together, they presented their 9,000 strong petition to James Daunt alongside a book of 40 staff experiences.

Here are the gang handing in their petition:


Here’s an email April sent to staff the day after the meeting:

Yesterday we delivered the petition for a living wage at Waterstones. For almost two hours, James Daunt listened to us as we shared our personal experiences of working at Waterstones and how the low rate of pay and poor career progression are affecting our lives and our abilities to do our jobs.

James (I'm still not sure if I should refer to him as James, Mr. Daunt or something else) was shocked at some of the information we shared, especially how hard it is regarding the struggle to actually make a career as a Bookseller with Waterstones. He began to understand the financial pressure his staff are under, and how that is affecting our work. We told him of the highly skilled colleagues we know who have left the company because of pay, and of the difficulties faced by those who have stayed because we love our jobs.

Every Bookseller who came to that meeting did a fantastic job representing you all, and James Daunt opened up as we spoke, commiserated with us and agreed that the problems we presented to him are unacceptable. It felt like we genuinely got through to him, and have opened up channels of communication through the business that have been missing for a very long time.

As staff we felt listened to, and the fact that we had the opportunity to speak directly to the person at the top is thanks to everyone who signed the petition, shared the news and supported Waterstones and the Booksellers who work there. [1,2]

We’ve come so far with this, and I am confident we are making progress towards real and lasting change. Thank you for your support. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Waterstones Bookseller and Organise petition starter

[1] Here’s the massive petition that was started by Waterstones employee April:
[2] You can check out the full book here: