Over 500 submissions to the government on NDAs

The government are running a consultation on how to stop companies misusing non-disclosure to silence their staff and cover up workplace harassment/discrimination. Over 500 of us submitted real experiences to the consultation. Here’s an email to everyone who was a part of it:

Wow! Over 500 of us shared our views to the government consultation on NDAs. The consultation team are so surprised at the volume, they called the Organise office to find out what caused the spike in submissions. They quickly found out that we all teamed up to make sure we’re heard at the highest levels. And that’s what Organise is all about. 

We’re now a community of over 60,000 people fighting together to make things better at work for everyone. We rely on small donations to keep our movement growing, and our tools free for everyone online.

Omar, if you can, please chip in to help more people fight against discrimination and harassment at their work: 

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The campaign to change NDAs is one of many using Organise tools. On Organise, Waterstones staffer April has found colleagues across the country to fight with her for a liveable wage for all Waterstones staff. [1] And Elle*, along with her colleagues, used Organise to expose decades of alleged harassment at Ted Baker. [2] 

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 Thank you for being part of the Organise community, 

Usman, Nat and the Organise team 

P.S. Organise TakeNote is a new app that helps you record bullying or harassment at your workplace. You can download everything you record as evidence to take to HR or a lawyer. You can record anything from emails and pictures to voice memos and diary entries. Download it here, it's completely confidential and secure:

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[1] Check out the blog post on April’s campaign:

[2] Here’s the blog on the Ted Baker campaign: