Busy few months at Organise

Things have been really busy for the last few months at Organise. Here’s an email to everyone celebrating how more than 65,000 of us are doing together:

Together we’re fighting to stop corporations using hush money to silence workplace harassment and discrimination. Over 500 of us sent powerful experiences to a government consultation demanding new laws to limit what companies can do. The consultation team were so surprised at the volume, they called the Organise office to find out what caused the spike in submissions. [1]

And that’s not all we’re working on right now. Thousands of us piled pressure on the BBC to make them change the job descriptions for roles at this year’s Wimbledon. The roles no longer discriminate against people with disabilities. [2]

Boots staff in the Organise community have also been busy. After winning a change in holiday policy, Boots staff are now making sure staff get a chance to sit down during long, frantic shifts. [3] 

There are now 65,000(!) of us in the Organise community - thank you for being part of it. Organise only has one full-time member of staff and we’re frantically trying to support all the new campaigns, but because we rely on donations - we need 79 more people to chip in a few pounds a week to hire some part-time help.

Will you chip in £2 a week, the price of a coffee, to support people running campaigns to improve their lives at work?

Yes - I’ll chip in £2 a week

I’ll make a one-off donation

Over 3,000 people have joined the Organise community in the last month alone, and we’re still growing. The Organise staff team are seeing dozens more workplace campaigns started on our website each week. But our site really needs updating to keep up with increasing demand.

This is a huge project and Matt (who looks after the Organise tech) is working around the clock to make it happen. The sheer volume of people using Organise now means it costs an extra £300 per month to keep the site live. 

If you can, please chip in to help thousands more people across the UK use the Organise platform to challenge their employers, and win:

Yes - I’ll chip in £2 a week

I’ll make a one-off donation

None of this would be possible without the Organise community chipping in what they can to keep us online. 

Thanks for everything you do,

Usman, Nat and the Organise team

[1] Here's a blog post about the 500 submissions we sent to a government consultation on NDAs:
[2] Check out the petition page for the Wimbledon campaign:
[3] Here's a blog post about the successful campaign to change th Boots holiday policy:
Here's the petition page for the new campaign to get seats for long shifts:

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