Thousands vote on nursing bursaries

Below is an email from Emily - a student nurse fighting to bring back nursing bursaries. She’s handing the massive open letter to Matt Hancock MP (Minister for Health). Emily wanted to know the most powerful way to hand in the open letter, so using Organise - she’s asking all the signers to vote on what they think would be best:

Hi there,

I’m Emily and I'm a student nurse, one of the last who received a nursing bursary to let me work for the NHS without facing thousands of pounds in student debt. I wouldn’t have gone to uni if I didn’t get the nursing bursary. I couldn’t afford to train without it.

But the bursaries were cut in 2015 and training now puts you in £50,000 of student debt - so nobody is doing it. I’m dealing with major nurse shortages on my ward, and I know it’s happening across the country.

That’s why I’m delivering our Organise petition (with 4,000 names!) to Matt Hancock, Minister of Health demanding that he bring back nursing bursaries. [1]

Hundreds of us on the petition have been sharing ideas of how to make our petition delivery unforgettable on delivery day, and we’ve got it down to three ideas. Now together, we’re voting on the best one - then chipping in to make it happen.

Please click on your favourite idea below to vote:

1) “Petition with a cardiac chart showing how much bursaries increase nurses and reduce the strain on the NHS”
2) “Petition with a large cheque showing how much a bursary saves long term and NHS logo”
3) “Petition with a banner or badges saying 'All of us could be nurses if we had bursaries'.”

Without more nurses training, we’ll see even more stressed staff, more spending on expensive agency nurses and students without mentors. And without bursaries, mature students with valuable care experience will be less likely to apply now.

I’m going to make these arguments face to face with our Minister of Health. But the power of Organise is that I’ll be walking into that room with your voice and thousands others behind me. Please vote on the best way to represent the petition and our message now, click on your favourite to vote:

1) Petition + cardiac chart
2) Petition + NHS cheque
3) Petition + ‘all of us’ banner

Thanks for being involved,

Emily - a trainee nurse, via Organise

[1] You can see the open letter petition here: