Almost 4,000 people demand protection after Brexit

With so much up in the air as a result of Brexit, almost 4,000 people are demanding that whatever happens, workers’ rights are protected. Things like sick pay, holiday pay, maternity pay and even minimum wage could be slashed, so we’re fighting to keep them safe. Here’s an email sent to Organise members explaining more 👇

Boris Johnson’s top adviser says he wants to use Brexit to slash workers’ rights. [1] With so much up in the air, we must make sure that our rights to sick pay, a work pension and even the minimum wage are protected.

Together we can send the clearest possible message that we won’t stand for any attack on our basic rights at work - no matter what happens with Brexit. Please add your name to the petition now:

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Here’s what the petition says:

Dear Prime Minister Boris Johnson,

Please protect our rights at work when we leave the EU. It's taken decades to make sure we live in a country that has sick pay, holiday pay and safe workplaces. 
What we've fought for needs to be protected, not scrapped.

Keep all of our workers' rights after Brexit, no matter what Brexit we get.

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Thanks for being involved,

Usman, Nat and the Organise team

[1] Independent: Boris Johnson’s new Brexit chief wants to scrap Theresa May’s commitment on workers’ rights:

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