WIN: Agency workers

It’s taken over a year, but the Government have finally listened to us and made plans to address some of the problems with workplace laws in the UK. We’ve just won two big campaigns! [1]

Making our voices heard (legally!)
It was one of the first ever Organise petitions, nearly 800 joined lots of others and demanded a change to ‘worker voice law’, and we’ve won it. Hundreds of us wrote to the ministers responsible. And from now on, if one of us runs a petition and it gets signed by just 2% of workers - companies will legally have to respond. It’s a game changer for the power of our community (and for smaller companies, a minimum of 15 people need to take part).
See the campaign here: 

Winning more rights for Agency workers
After hundreds of us shared our experiences of dodgy agencies, our evidence was included in the government’s review. They listened to how tough it can be to work for an agency. Now, all of us who work for an agency are getting a sheet by law to fully explain our rights on the first day of every job. It means agencies won’t get away with hidden fees or dodgy terms in the contracts. Our pressure is also closing a loophole which means that now, agency workers should be paid the same as people directly employed by the the company for doing the same job. 
You can find the Organise report on the Government's website here:

Thank you so much for taking part in petitions and surveys to change these national laws. Winning these kinds of campaigns need a longer game, more strategy and sometimes dogged persistence. But on days like today, when we see our ideas and experiences forcing a change in the law, it makes it all worth it.