Trainee nurse delivers 7,000 strong petition to the Department for Health

NHS England is 42,000 nurses short and that gap is only set to get wider as more nurses face £50k in student debt to train and join the NHS. That’s why nurse Emily is calling for the government to bring back the nursing bursary which let people train to be nurses for free.

Emily started a petition because she was seeing trainee nurses drying up on her ward. Before long, there were over 7,000 signatures.

Here’s Emily’s petition:

And here’s the email Emily sent to the 7,000 signatories once she’d delivered her massive petition to Matt Hancock (Minister for Health):

Hi there,

I’ve just delivered our signatures to the Department of Health! I took your name in with me as one of the 7,000 of us who signed the petition demanding the government bring back nursing bursaries! Thank you.

Here’s the clipboard with the petition and thousands of our signatures, and a picture of me and Usman (from Organise) outside the Dept:

signatures GIF.gif
bursary hand in.jpg

The Department for Health acknowledged our petition, but didn’t say anything about bringing back bursaries. That's why, together we're all deciding what to do next. I’ve got a few ideas, but I’d love yours too, can you vote and share ideas on how we win this:


Thanks so much for being involved,

Proud NHS student nurse

Here’s the email you got a little while back explaining more:

This Thursday, I'm off duty from my hospital. So I'm heading to the Department of Health to deliver our petition demanding that nursing bursaries are brought back for all trainee nurses like me.

We only have a few days, so lots of us are sharing the petition with anyone who cares about keeping our NHS safe and well. We need thousands more to make sure we can't be ignored. Usman, please share the petition now:

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I'm already feeling a little nervous about delivering the petition on Thursday. I havent done anything like this before. But I really want to show the Department of Health that bursaries aren't just a matter for trainee nurses - they're a matter for all of us who care about our NHS.

In England, we're facing a 42,000 nurse shortage. But instead of encouraging more nurses to join the NHS, the government got rid of essential bursaries which let nurses train and join NHS England for free. Now, nurses in England face up to £50,000 in student debt to work in the NHS. There are barely any trainee nurses on my ward anymore.

That's why we need to make Thursday count. Please share the petition with anyone who cares about the NHS and get them to add their name:

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Thank you so much,

Emily - trainee nurse and the Organise team