Pensioners deserve to keep their carer's allowance

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Organise member Linda* shared her experience of being a full-time carer through the weekly poll - it's a poll that 10% of the Organise community get every week to help us spot shared problems, and team up to fix them. 

Linda spoke about the difficulty she had when she lost her carer's allowance upon receiving her state pension. It means that for thousands of people around the UK, caring for loved ones is even harder. Other members in the Organise community came forward too:

"My Daughter is profoundly disabled - can’t walk, talk, understand, nil by mouth feed by peg into her stomach - 24 hour care. It’s disgusting they take the allowance off us - as we save the government thousands and thousands of pounds." - Organise member who lost her carer's allowance.

A petition was set up and within a week, it had over 4,000 signatures. [1] Not long after that, almost 500 emails were sent to MPs asking them to look into it and stop carers facing huge financial difficulties at a time when they need support. [2]

There's still a long way to go in making sure that carers get a fair deal for playing such an important role in supporting their loved ones. But we can make it happen.

*Linda's name has been changed to protect her identity


[1] Here's the petition:

[2] You can email your MP about it here: