Fairer targets at Amazon: the story so far!

In the last 24 hours, over 200 Amazon workers came together to demand that Amazon drop all warehouse staff targets by 15% or create a fairer targets system.

The campaign came after came after dozens of employees shared experiences about their lives at work through the Organise weekly poll. Each week 10% of the Organise community are sent a short survey and asked what their work is like. This is to help people spot common problems and team up to solve them. 

Stories came to light of forced standing through 10-hour shifts, timed bathroom breaks and abusive management at Amazon. But the thing that came up again and again, were targets. Unreasonable targets meant that people were constantly working in fear with the threat of being fired if they fell behind.

All these problems had been around for years, but warehouse employees had never had the tools to communicate without fear and learn about what their co-workers wanted to change. Once the workers came together on the Organise platform, a bunch of them agreed and it lit a spark. Over 200 employees (and growing!) across the country have now demanded fairer targets at work. 

As more and more Amazon workers team up, they can speak up, recognise what they want for fair, secure work and make it happen.