Lancaster University - Open letter to support strikes

lancaster strike staff

Supporters of Lancaster University staff who are striking to keep their pensions from changing, used the Organise website to make sure their voices were heard far beyond their picket lines. 

Professor Mark E. Smith - the Vice-Chancellor of the University - has not come out and stood firmly with university staff. So to stand alongside Lancaster staff, students created an open letter addressed directly to the Vice-Chancellor, demanding action.  And already, almost 700 staff and students have added their names. 

Here's an excerpt:

"We are writing as students of Lancaster University to express our solidarity with the staff of the University and with the UCU strike. We ask you, as Vice Chancellor of the University, to stand up for our staff by opposing the changes proposed to the USS pension scheme (some VCs have already done this, including Warwick, Loughborough and Essex) and making your position publicly clear before the UUK proposal is fully confirmed in June 2018."

The open letter starters are planning next steps for their campaign and are looking for ways to pressure the Vice-Chancellor into coming out on the side of the hundreds of employees that work for him. Watch this space!

You can check out the full open letter here:

If you want to start an open letter to change something at your workplace, you can do it here: