Stop companies using non disclosure agreements to silence staff

This email was sent to Organise members from Joeli Brearley - who presented evidence to Parliament on how to stop companies using Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to silence their staff - sign her petition now:

Thousands of powerful companies are using special contracts called Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to silence employees who are discriminated against or harassed. They’re always drawn up behind closed doors, and they let companies continue their bad behaviour unchecked.

NDA’s are agreements where employees are offered money, and the chance of a good reference, in return for their silence. It’s hush money to stop employees exposing anything from pregnancy and maternity discrimination to bullying and sexual harassment.

I’ve personally spoken to hundreds of people who have been bullied into signing NDAs. Almost all of them felt they had no other option, and 70% say their mental health is worse as a result. [1] That’s why, in 48 hours, I’m taking the problem to Parliament. 

I’m presenting evidence to MPs on how companies abuse NDAs and I’m asking the government to establish a regulator who can investigate and punish bad companies. But to speak louder than businesses, I need your support in the room with me. 

Will you sign the petition asking for an end to employer NDAs to cover up abhorrent behaviour? There's less than 48 hours left:

Sign the petition

I hope you stand with us, 

Joeli Brearley
Organise member and founder of Pregnant then Screwed

PS. If you have signed an NDA yourself, please complete this short, confidential survey so we can better understand the impacts of NDAs. All the names will be stripped away before I present the stories to MPs on Wednesday:

[1] This came from Pregnant Then Screwed research of 218 women who signed NDAs