Over 4,000 calling for nursing bursaries

Over 4,000 people are adding their names to an open letter written by an NHS worker demanding that nursing bursaries are brought back. NHS England is in the middle of a nursing crisis, but since the government cut nursing bursaries in 2015, training to be a nurse could land you in £50,000 worth of debt. Here’s the email explaining more:

Right now, there are 42,000 nursing jobs in the UK that are unfilled - and the gap is growing. Relentless hours, department cuts and burnout are forcing nurses out of their jobs.

Part of the problem could be solved if the government brings back nursing bursaries. It would mean people can train to become a nurse without facing up to £50,000 in student debt. It could bring lots more people into nursing.

If we work together, we can help make it happen. That's why we're all signing an open letter started by an NHS nurse demanding that Matt Hancock (Minister for Health) brings back nursing bursaries. Join hundreds of us and add your name now:

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In 2015, the government decided to get rid of bursaries for nurses. And since then, applications have gone down by a third. On top of that, 30% of nurses are going to retire in the next 5 years. [1] All of this means we need to act soon.

Bring back bursaries could also save money. Last year, the Open University said that replacing temporary agency nurses with full-time ones would save £560 million a year. [2]

Please sign the open letter to Matt Hancock MP demanding that he bring back nursing bursaries:

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Thanks for being involved,

Usman, Nat and the Organise team

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