Over 350 submissions to the consultation on shift insecurity

Across the UK, thousands of shift workers are expected to arrange everything around work, but still experience last minute shift changes and cancellations. It’s called “one way flexibility“, and it stops people being able to plan for finances and family.

Now, hundreds of shift workers in the Organise community are flooding a government consultation and demanding that the government step in to give everyone a month’s notice for shifts and make sure that people are still paid when shifts are cancelled at the last minute. These simple changes would make shift work far more secure and fair across the country.

Over 350 Organise members are already submitting to the consultation with more piling in by the day - it’s not something that government consultation teams are used to!

If you want to submit to the consultation, just fill out the Organise survey and it automatically submits the answers to the government consultation:

Take this survey if you experience cancelled shifts:


Take this survey if you don’t normally experience cancelled shifts:


Here’s an email sent to Organise members explaining more 👇


Thousands of us across the UK experience last minute shift changes and cancellations on a daily basis. It means our bosses can pick us or drop us whenever they want, but we have to always be ready to work.

Now, the government want to know how big this problem really is and if the law should change to make it better. There are two big solutions the government are thinking about: 1) give everyone their shifts a month in advance and 2) make sure we still get paid when our shifts are cancelled.

If we don’t speak up now, employers who change our shifts last minute can keep saying they do everything fairly, and nothing will change. We know the government are listening. Now it’s down to us to make sure we’re heard above everyone else.

Please take the survey now, the first question is:

Do you face cancelled shifts at your work?



The technical name for what the government are looking at is "one-way flexibility". It’s when you arrange your whole life to make sure you’re available for work, but your work can change or cancel your shifts at the last minute. From McDonald’s to nursing homes, one-way flexibility happens across the country.

With the government getting involved, we have a great chance to change the law so that everyone gets paid for cancelled shifts and we all know when our shifts are going to be with plenty of time.

That’s why, together, we’re taking a survey on our experience of shifts and sending our answers to a government consultation. Please add your thoughts now, here’s the first question to get you started:

Do you face cancelled shifts at your work?



Thanks for being involved,

Usman, Nat and the Organise team

[1] Check out the official consultation page here: