Starting a campaign on Organise

Organise is a community of over 68,000 people - everyone from Amazon warehouse workers to university academics - all working together to get a better deal at work. And the magic part is, it’s all confidential, so you can lead entire campaigns with all your colleagues without your identity getting out. Only the Organise office team ever know who you are - and we’re on hand to help you push your campaign on at every step.

Using Organise, anyone can start a campaign to improve things at work. Here are a few of the Organise tools:

  • Petitions: You can use petitions to gather support for an idea whilst keeping all the signers names confidential.

  • Open letters: These let you gather support for your idea and names are only published once you hit a certain number of names (which you can choose) so that you and your colleagues can make a statement, but you have safety in numbers.

  • Surveys: It’s always useful to know how your colleagues feel about the issue you care about. You can use surveys to collect information on the issue, how to push your campaign forward or to crowdsource ideas.

👆🏽At every point, you can confidentially email everyone who has taken your action to make sure you’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. Then once your campaign gets off the ground, you can unlock other Organise tools like the ability to get all your supporters to email someone (a CEO for example) making your demands; the ability to organise events and get your MP involved; and the chance to set up Facebook ads in support of your campaign.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your idea is. And it doesn’t matter how big or small your employer is. You can use Organise to change things. Start your campaign now:

Success stories

Staff at Ted Baker used Organise to expose decades of allegations of harassment from their CEO. [1] Thousands of Boots staff used Organise to change their holiday policy to let them spend more time with their families. [2] And Waterstones staff and authors are coming together on Organise to fight for a living wage. [3]

Organise member and founder of Pregnant then Screwed Joeli Brearley is using Organise to try get a law passed that will change how companies use ’gagging clauses’ to silence workplace harassment and discrimination. Joeli used Organise to gather stories of ‘gagging clauses’ and presented the stories to MPs, who are now calling for change. [4]

Olga FitzRoy is using Organise to change the law around parental rights for self-employed families. She’s managed to get a bill making its way through parliament. [5]

The list goes on and on. We haven’t even mentioned Tesco workers changing how they got paid. Amazon workers helping to trigger safety inspections at warehouses and changes in laws that give agency staff more security and clarity.

You can start your campaign here:

[1] More information on the Ted Baker campaign on the Organise blog:
[2] More information on the Boots holiday campaign on the Organise blog:
[3] More information on the Waterstones living wage campaign on the Organise blog:
[4] More information on Joeli’s NDA campaign is here:

[5] Check out Olga’s parliamentary bill: