Email your MP: The week's notice Bill

Here’s an email to Organise members asking them to write to their MPs to give their support to a Bill that would make it the law to give at least 1 week’s notice for all shifts:

Over 3,000 people have signed the petition supporting the new Bill that would force restaurants and shops to give all staff at least one week’s notice for their shifts. 

The vote is less than two weeks away, and it's on a Friday. So we need to make sure MPs stay in Westminster to vote for the bill. Please will you email your MP and ask her to vote for the 'a week's notice on shifts' bill? It takes less than two minutes:

Email my MP

Last minute shift cancellations leave thousands of people in the UK without pay, unable to afford rent or food. But there’s a radical solution. The new Bill not only forces employers to give a week’s notice, but it makes the company pay double if they fail to do so.

Big companies are already worried. A Bill like this never makes it this far through Parliament. There are already dozens of MPs behind it. [1] If lots more of us get on board, we could force MPs to pay attention. 

Please email your MP asking them to vote for this law change:

Email my MP

Thanks for being involved, 

Nat, Usman, Annabel and the Organise team

[1] Here's the new Bill on the government website: