For companies:
How to respond to an Organise campaign

Whether it's a survey, open letter or petition - your employees starting and embracing an Organise campaign is exciting. They've proactively decided to try and fix this part of their work - respect your staff and listen to what they're asking for, they might not feel able to use your regular HR channels. Here are two simple steps to get the best outcome for your company and employees:

Step 1: Read the petition or survey results complied by your staff with an open mind and an awareness that you might have different perspectives. Quite often the people taking part feel unable to be heard by the company in any other way.

Step 2: Respond to the employees taking part in the campaign:

 - Organise a meeting with the campaign leaders or a group of the campaign participants. The Organise staff team can help you get in touch through the Organise tools, and facilitate the meeting as an independent party if you'd like.

 - Send an email to all the participants in a campaign letting them know what you plan to change. This is especially useful if the campaign starters don't feel comfortable speaking with the HR team or board directly.