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So what do you think?

Check out some Organise campaigns for inspiration:


Staff member April was frustrated at the rubbish wages she was earning at Waterstones. But she’d never campaigned before and the CEO of the company worked just upstairs, so she wanted to be careful. Using Organise, she set up a confidential survey to find out if other staff around the country were frustrated too. Turns out they were.

After some careful campaigning, April had almost 20,000 signatures behind her, a gang of Waterstones staff helping her plan the campaign, support from Philip Pullman and Michael Rosen and tonnes of media attention!

Read more about April’s campaign:

Ted Baker:

Using the Organise tools, Ted Baker staff collected allegations of harassment at Ted Baker head office. Before long, there were hundreds of staff adding their experiences.

Staff voted on what to do with their collective power and decided to create a report to release to the press - all this happened without any staff knowing who each other were. Once the staff released the news, it quickly became international news.

The staff got their demands of an independent investigation and a change in the policy around sexual harassment. Soon after, the Executive Director of Ted Baker, Ray Kelvin, stepped down from his role.

Read more about the Ted Baker campaign here:

University academics:

Academics all over the country were about to start striking over unfair changes to their pensions. A few academics started Organise open letters and collected signatures of hundreds of colleagues to pressure their universities.

Through Organise, you can email anyone that has signed your open letter/petition/survey. So academics started using their open letters to plan and communicate strike actions, get out key messages and share tactics with other strikers using Organise.

Soon, the heads of the universities were staying away from their staff. So staff used the Organise “Email your boss” tool to send hundreds of emails to the heads of the universities demanding fair pensions.

Many heads of universities eventually sided with staff and changes were made!

Read more about their campaign here:


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