How to improve maternity and paternity pay at your work

Here is some inspiration and ideas on how to improve parental leave pay at your work. 

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Know where you stand

A good place to start is to know what your company offers, and how this compares to other companies. Organise members crowdsourced 300 maternity policies. We found that the majority of employers offer some kind of 'enhanced maternity pay'.

See our full, crowdsourced spreadsheet here:
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Check out M&PPER for more Maternity and Paternity details:


Show the level of support

Running a workplace survey on Organise is a quick way to gather data on the kind of parental leave policy people need. Staff at ITV used Organise to push for a better maternity policy - they won 18 weeks of full maternity pay (check out their survey here).

You can email anyone who takes part through the Organise tools - it's a quick way to build out a network of people who support parental leave change in your workplace. The Organise staff team can help you prepare to deliver the results of the survey. It's a quick, easy way to win change.

You can start a workplace survey and build your network here:

START a campaign

If you work for a big company, or you know it'll take a lot of voices to get them to improve their maternity policy, it's time to start a campaign. Everyone who signs your petition or open letter joins your network of people who you can email to push for change.

Start an open letter:

Start a petition: