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Organise is a platform to help you transform your workplace. As an employee, you can collect data about the problems you and your colleagues face. As well as ideas on how to fix them. The platform allows people to be completely anonymous, giving people the security to share their experiences honestly. You can analyse and package the results to take to the company leadership or potentially the press.

People taking part in the surveys and petitions join their Organise network, giving you the safety in numbers to push for change and a safety net if you face any challenges. We’re helping companies listen to their workforce, increasing their retention of talent and creating a better workplace for everyone.

And it doesn’t end there, for forward thinking workplaces, businesses can work with us to use the platform directly - giving them a competitive edge when it comes to attracting top talent.

Who we are

"There’s strength in numbers. If companies can see that it matters to a large number of their employees, they are more likely to take action in order to retain staff. Big companies can afford this and set standards.”

- Specsaver Opticians employee, no enhanced maternity policy
“No one knows what the maternity package is at a company until they join it. It varies massively. I moved jobs after two children and then had a third baby. The package at my new employer, although better than statutory minimum, was much less generous than at my previous employer. There is such variation and secrecy around maternity packages. I asked HR if they benchmark their policies and they don’t.”

- City of London employee, enhanced maternity policy
“While big companies have done a lot to reduce gender discrimination, they don't appreciate that women often accept maternity policies although they don't suit them and their families. But women need to get together to ask for these changes.”

- KPMG employee, enhanced maternity policy

Nat Whalley
Founder and Executive Director of the Organise Platform

Nat spends her days thinking of ways to help women improve their rights and benefits at work through technology.

Before launching the Organise Platform, Nat spent time working for 38 Degrees, Save the Children and Avaaz.org. She’s driven many successful corporate campaigns, securing big campaign wins at Unilever, Nestle and Danone.

Nat spent the start of 2016 with a digital campaigning startup in South Africa - training the team in strategy, as well as developing organisational processes and coaching their Executive Director through a period of organisational change, where she got the idea for the Organise Platform.

Nat spends her spare time singing show tunes with her choir.

Community Guidelines

We want the Organise Platform to be a space where the rights and voices of other are respected. This means that hate speech is not allowed - including but not limited to attacks on a person or group based on their race, class, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, disability, sex, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

You may not use the Organise Platform for any illegal purpose or activity. Please respect everyone's privacy. Don't post private information on the Organise Platform. If you're unsure on anything, please check out our privacy policy.

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