Organise anti-harassment campaign forces Ted Baker CEO to resign

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  • Over 300 staff and former staff at Ted Baker organised a campaign to expose culture of harassment, including multiple allegations of sexual harassment from CEO Ray Kelvin

  • Staff used the Organise online platform to collect testimony from fellow staff at Ted Baker, and to work together to break the silence at the company

  • After headline exposure in the Sunday Times, the staff behind the campaign forced Ted Baker to launch a formal investigation into the allegations and the culture of ‘forced hugging’

  • Organise has been working with the law firm running the investigation (HSF) to facilitate participation from staff and former staff including ensuring their anonymity where they choose it

Nat Whalley, Executive Director of Organise, the platform used by Ted Baker employees said:

“Ray Kelvin’s resignation shows the power of staff teaming up to create positive change at work. No CEO should preside over a culture of ‘forced hugging’ - it’s time for a step-change inside Ted Baker. The new CEO should create a culture which ensures that all staff feel safe and listened to when it comes to allegations of harassment in the workplace. The staff who used Organise to run and win this anti-harassment campaign should be really proud."

Jamie Bircher*, staff member at Ted Baker said:

“Today’s news of Mr Kelvin resigning is an incredibly welcome development, and one which feels like some level of justice has been done. Mr Kelvin acted with impunity, abusing his position within the company and relying on his position for protection alone. With the win today, Organise have set a precedent that today’s workplace is going to be very different to that of 25 years ago, and dinosaurs such as Mr Kelvin must recognise this and change their actions.”

Notes to editors

Available to interview:
Nat Whalley, CEO and founder, Organise. 07875 096740

*Jamie (name changed to protect identity), Ted Baker staff, available on request (wishes to remain anonymous)

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Since launching almost two years ago, Organise has grown to a community of over 50,000 people. The Ted Baker campaign is one of hundreds on Organise including successful campaigns that changed how Tesco paid their temporary staff, helped McDonald’s staff win their biggest pay rise in 10 years and that won better maternity leave at ITV, as well as many others.