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McDonald's workers are fed up of being forced into risky zero hours contracts and their safety being put on the line at work. 

There are more than 2,500 McDonald's workers in the Organise community. They've released this mini-documentary about what it’s really like on a zero hour contract. It was paid for by (and stars!) Organise members.

Please watch and share this people-powered exposé on what it’s really like to work at McDonald’s.


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Organise helps you to start, run, and win campaigns to change your workplace. 

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How does it work?

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By signing a petition or taking part in a survey on our website, you join the Organise community.

Each week 10% of the community is sent a confidential survey about  'What it's like at your work'. Through this, we spot shared challenges that collective action could fix.

You start a campaign at your workplace. This can be a petition, an open letter, a survey or something else. You can campaign on anything from breaks, to parental pay, to the gender pay gap, to guaranteed hours.

Gather support for your campaign through your networks at work. Organise will also help you gather support through our community.

The network of people supporting a workplace campaign can talk to each other through Organise. They work with an Organiser to decide how best to win their campaign. This could include meeting with the CEO to deliver the petition, or collecting data on people's lived experiences in the company and presenting it to the HR team or even the newspapers.

Once you've won your campaign at work, you can go on to start more campaigns or become a volunteer mentor to help other people improve their working lives.

Success stories

Charlie teamed up with 2,000 others and won a change to how she's paid at Tesco:

"I'd never heard of prepaid cards for wages, if I had, I wouldn't have taken the job. I'm glad we won so no-one else is forced to use a card that charges you to pay bills."

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Amazon workers want a full 30 minute break. ITV employees want better parental leave.

What do you want to change? Team up, make work right:


Data is powerful. Each week 10% of Organise members share our experiences of work in the UK. Together we can spot shared challenges and team up to overcome them:

McDonald's workers

McDonald's workers in the UK

More than 2,000 McDonald’s workers use Organise to campaign for £10 an hour, better safety equipment and a new contract. They’ve just won the biggest pay rise in a decade - with £10 an hour for the over 25s. Join the campaign:


River Island employees

River Island employees

Hundreds of River Island staff are sharing their experiences of what it's like to work at the company. They want to be able to swap shifts with colleagues when they need to. Sign their petition here:

ready to join tens of thousands of others and

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